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Featurecast News and Updates.

Final Vendetta original sound track on a high quality limited edition gatefold double vinyl. This double vinyl double-sided 12” LP set features every track from the game, originally composed by Featurecast, Utah Saints and Krafty Kuts. Spanning an array of genres including hip-hop, techno, jungle, gabber, dance, rave, and more! No happy hardcore though, sorry.

The 2 LPs are supplied in a gatefold sleeve with wrap around Final Vendetta artwork. Complete with poly-lined black paper inner sleeves and shrink wrapped.

A1. We Gonna Get 'Em

A2. Power And Beats A3. Final Call A4. The Underground A5. Assault on Platform 13 A6. Sharpen Your Skills A7. Survival ----------------------------------------------------- B1. Higher B2. Mad Science B3. About To Begin B4. No Turning Back (Utah Saints) B5. Jackhammer (Utah Saints) B6. Give A Little More B7. Attack The Club -----------------------------------------------------

C1. Capoeira Twins C2. Mad Science Revenge C3. Rock The Party C4. Get Even (Krafty Kuts) C5. Killing Grounds C6. Judgement's Coming C7. Osric's Theme


D1. Hitting Hard D2. Leave Your Mark D3. Make The Grade D4. Wall Of Fame D5. Training Day (Utah Saints) D6. Friend Or Foe D7. Finale (Utah Saints) D8. Level Complete D9. Game Over

We are always busy here working on so many project. One of our most frequent collaborators are KPM/Sony and their recently expanded Extreme catalog. Here is small collection of our most recent work for them.

Rich and textural electronica evoking progress and technology

Smooth, stylish and upbeat funk powered by grooving rhythm section and slick horns

Infectious, groovy, hypnotic unique beats

We recently teamed up with Statler and Waldorf and Penhaligons again to bring life to their latest campaign.

We headed back to the '40s with this vintage inspired piece. This was a super creative project to be involved in, crafting a degraded, noisy vintage sound to give the message and visuals a deserving fit.

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