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Featurecast News and Updates.

We are always busy here working on so many project. One of our most frequent collaborators are KPM/Sony and their recently expanded Extreme catalog. Here is small collection of our most recent work for them.

Rich and textural electronica evoking progress and technology

Smooth, stylish and upbeat funk powered by grooving rhythm section and slick horns

Infectious, groovy, hypnotic unique beats

We recently teamed up with Statler and Waldorf and Penhaligons again to bring life to their latest campaign.

We headed back to the '40s with this vintage inspired piece. This was a super creative project to be involved in, crafting a degraded, noisy vintage sound to give the message and visuals a deserving fit.

This has been such a privilege to be involved in this totally unique project.

The fruits of 2 years labour finally get to see the light of day as Final Vendetta is released on PS4, Xbox, Steam and Nintendo Switch. (Look out for physical Neo Geo release in 2023)

Over 30 tracks of '90s inspired dance music make up the soundtrack to this retro style brawler. As well as the music we handled all the sound design and sound effects for the game, making this truly one of the most fun projects to date.

Now watch the launch trailer.

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